Retro Paper Collage, The Pony, Vintage Paper Art, Black and White Art, Weird Art, Collage on Paper, One of a Kind by frighten

110,00 USD

This is a one of a kind paper collage titled “”The Pony””. It was built using vintage publication images and is really thin and unmounted. It determines roughly 9 7/8 x 12 inches. Please keep in mind that since of the classic nature of this paper, there are folds, wrinkles, discolorations and imperfections in the paper.

Signed and titled on lower front corner. Store watermark won'' t be on there.

Please enable a bit of color and brightness distinction as each individual'' s monitor might show this differently.

Delivering on this piece is U.S. only and includes insurance coverage and delivery verification. If you are outside the united states and would like to acquire a print of this piece, that is $ 25 and can be shipped worldwide. Please call me for more details.

© mari lowery – 2013 – copyright not sold with sale of artwork.

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