Reversible pocket spinning surface for supported spinning in New Guinea Rosewood and Dymondwood by MalcolmFielding

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Reversible pocket spinning surface area for supported spinning in New Guinea Rosewood and Dymondwood

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This wonderful assistance bowl for supported spindling is made from a block of Papua New Guinea Rosewood – a light wood with an appealing grain. The bowl is sealed and after that polished to a smooth surface with friction polish then tough Carnauba wax, to provide an excellent long lasting surface.

The contrasting Dymondwood end grain insert in the centre is for additional solidity, smoothness and best spin, as well as ornamental result. The centres have a dimple to assist keep the spindle in position as it is flicked, and the 2 sides of the surface have different profiles. One is more funnel shaped with a parabolic curve that will hold your spindle firmly, and the reverse is shallower to allow usage with various whorl shapes and tilt angles.

This assistance bowl is suitable for use with metal tipped spindles. The shallower face will accommodate ball bearing and rounded glass suggestions by other makers as well as my short pointer Dervish designs, and the much deeper well matches my Pu Yok, all my conventional tibetan range and existing Dervish and Dyavol designs.

It has to do with 55 mm in size and is perfect for travel usage or at home.

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