Running Motivation Bracelet – JUST RUN – With Stretchy Wrap / Cuff by wordstosweatby

13,99 USD

Not every day has to be a banner running day. Occasionally, you just require to get out and run and this mantra bracelet reminds you to do just that.

The bracelet sports a hand stamped aluminum charm with the words & quot; & quot; JUST RUN & quot;. The inspirational mantra wrap bracelet can be found in two styles: the All In One Mantra Wrap ™ (pic # 2) and the Layered Look Mantra Wrap ™ (pic # 1).

With the All In One Mantra Wrap the beauty is connected straight to the wrap whereas with the Layered Look Mantra Wrap the appeal is strung on a light-weight strand of gray jersey knit so that it can be used as a charm bracelet stacked with others in you might wear on an everyday basis without needing to wear the thicker wrap.

Readily available wrap colors are revealed in picture # 3 and depending on the color they are either ribbed jersey knit, flat jersey knit, or pique (a small triangle-like pattern) jersey knit.

This original design exercise inspiration mantra wrap bracelet by Words to Sweat by has no clasps that will catch or snag. Simply stretch the bracelet over your hand and onto your wrist. It’s so lightweight you’ll can use it every day due to the fact that you’ll hardly understand it’s there other than when you take a look to get that boost of motivation.

The All in One Mantra Wrap is terrific if you plan to use this mainly for workout motivation and the Layered Look Mantra Wrap permits a range of mixes – putting on the 2 together, the mantra appeal bracelet independently, or the vibrant jersey wrap by itself – depending on the design you want that day.

Kindly note: Similar to anything hand stamped, each piece will vary a little since they are done separately so the placement and positioning of the text may be slightly varying than what is visualized.

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