Rust Blue Plaid Male Dog Diaper | Puppy Belly Band | 4 smaller sizes to pick from | Dog Belly wrap | Doggie Doggy bellyband by custompetandtack

5,50 USD< p class ="description"> One brand name new blue, rust, green, gray plaid male dog diaper, bellyband. Plaid design may differ some depending upon where the diaper is eliminated of the material.

Dog diaper pictured does not represent all sizes provided.

See photo on measuring your pet dog.

< br/ >< br/ > 4 Sizes readily available to pick from on the drop down box.
.4″broad.” 11-“14″… 5″broad.” 13″-16″… 5″”broad.” 15 “-18″… 6″wide.

It ' s best to allow some for modification.
Example if your dog procedures 14″ “around, the 13″”-16″would be a much better fit than the 11″”-14″.

Requirement aid? Just convo me your canines measurement around his mid-section.

Completions are tapered so there is less bulk on your pet dog'' s back. I ' ve been doing my diapers like this for many years when no one else was and now other sellerrs have actually started doing them by doing this also.

One of my Etsy client ' s sent me this picture of her Min Pin wearing one of my 11″”-14″dog diapers.

< br/ > Do you have a male canine that wishes to mark your furnishings or an older male that is incontinent? These also can aid with housetraining. This might be the option to your issue.

< br/ > 1. The outer layer is a polycotton mix fabric.

2. Lined with a soft light-weight fleece. This is extremely soft and will not aggravate your dog.

3. This has a water resistant nylon lining in the belly between the layers. This is not a large lining, it'' s very soft, not stiff. Simply stick a self stick mini or maxi pad to the fleece.

< br/ > You can alter the pad as typically as had to keep your pet dog dry and you won'' t need to constantly be cleaning the diaper because the pad will hold the urine.

This waterproof liner is a should to keep urine from soaking through onto your clothing, furniture, the pets bed linen, and so on. As long as your self stick pad is altered when soiled/wet, no fret about chafing your pet dog.

4. Elastic on the sides in the center area. This helps prevent spaces and keeps the diaper versus your pet. This elastic is hidden inside the diaper so no fret about pulling your dog'' s hair.

5. A lot of velcro to change to your canine'' s size. 6. Device washable in warm/cool water. NO bleach. Air dry or dry on extremely low heat recommended.

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