Rustic Trail Faceted Wood-fired Coffee Mug by splitfirepottery

30,00 USD

Picture your early morning ritual of that first cup of coffee with this comfortable to hold, well balanced mug that is truly cool to look at, in addition to feel in your hand. This sweet little mug is constructed of stoneware clay that has actually been fired to cone 13 in my manabigama wood kiln. Really this ought to not be called fired, it was blasted!! It was best next to the firebox and it got everything. A brand-new, wonderful appearance!!
The inside has a glaze that has some fantastic ash patterns on it.
I tossed and altered this mug on the wheel. This piece is 3 1/2 & quot; high by 4 1/2 & quot; wide and holds 10 oz.

This wood-fired mug would be an enjoyment to utilize and enjoy for several years to come and is food safe, dishwasher proof and microwavable.

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