Sage and Citrus Chicken Roaster (1/2 oz.) By JamesJams

3,75 USD

Sage and Citrus Chicken Roaster (1/2 oz.)

This listing is for a 1/2 oz. tin of my original recipe Sage and Citrus Chicken Roaster. I make use of fresh sage, orange peel, salt, pepper and other spices to produce this mix. This mix is a fantastic way making an every day weeknight meal an event – just add to aa whole chicken and roast, or add to cut chicken breast/ thighs with a little olive oil for a savory reward. Can also be used to grill chicken – we advise marinating for a minimum of Thirty Minutes – toss some olive oil, white wine, and a teaspoon or more of this spice in a Ziploc with your chicken for a fantastic grill night!

All of my developments are made from fresh produce, enhanced with regional farmer’s market produce. Undoubtedly, food is subject to preferences and taste – I like everything in my shop, and I hope you will too. I have actually aimed to explain the components the very best I can. If you have concerns about any item, please call me.

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