SALE 1885 Original Antique French Print Hippopotamus Hand Colored Engraving Buffon by CarambasVintage

38,25 USD This genuine antique engraving of a hippopotamus was made in France in 1885. The print was hand-colored at the time of publication and functions are highlighted with arabic gum. The background is not colored.

Drawing by H. Gobin. Etched by A. Michelet

This antique print was produced for the Spanish edition of a book about nature with a choice of texts by Buffon in Paris, in 1885, Garnier. These prints make fantastic decorations and gifts

Size: 10.5 by 6.5 (26 by 16.5 cm.)

This print is over one hundred years and in exceptional condition. It is printed on thick paper and the image is clear.

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