SALE :) 8 & quot; Size Painted Wooden Wall Letters, Storybook plus Various other Fonts, Gifts and Decor for Nursery, Home, Playrooms, Dorms by LettersForYou

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3,25 USD < p class="description"> 8 & quot; Size Painted Hanging Wooden Wall Letters ~ DESCRIPTION ~ *** You might select from either First Letter Capitalized or All Lowercase. If you would like the full name in capital letters, they are priced at $.60 more per letter and I will have to set up a special listing for you to purchase through … no problem though, simply let me understand.

*** You might choose your font style from Jester, Whimsical, Block, Chalk, Storybook, Script, Ravie, Victorian, Cherie, and Times

*** Choose the color you would like from … white, black, grey, brown, khaki, pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel purple, pastel blue, pastel green, fuchsia, lime green, aqua, primary purple, red, orange, primary yellow, primary green, primary blue, navy, and ivory … Get as many or as few colors as you would like, blend and match to best suit your decoration!

*** We attach satin ribbons for hanging. Ribbons are offered in the exact same colors as the paints, however do not need to be the exact same as the letter color. We connect them as bows, but can do & quot; & quot; loops & quot; rather (please simply be sure to specify this when sending your information!)

*** If you choose a & quot; floating & quot; look, you might ask for nail holes drilled in the backs (holes not visible from the front; nails not consisted of).

< br/ > *** The height of each letter is based on the size of the capitals. The lowercase letters are shorter than the height listed in the auction so that they will be in proportion based on the rules of the individual font style. Please see photos for recommendation

*** These are wooden, made from 1/2 & quot; thick Baltic Birch, so some wood grain might show up.

*** We provide these in other sizes also.

< br/ > ~ TO PLACE YOUR ORDER ~ Select the total number of letters you require from the & quot; & quot; total Quantity & quot; Menu, then click the & quot; include to haul &

quot; button You can then leave your order details in the note/ conversation section before you go to Checkout. Please make sure to include …
1. name/ letters (please type them case sensitive as they need to appear … this listing is NOT FOR ALL CAPITALS)
2. font style 3. letter color( s) 4. either ribbon colors or nail holes (sorry, but we can not accommodate for both)

< br/ > ~ PRODUCTION TIME ~ All Letters are made to purchase, so please permit 2-3 weeks. for production from the time your full payment and all information are received

~ SHIPPING ~< br/ > Shipping is $ 8.00 for your whole United States order of the 8 & quot; & quot; size letters, despite the variety of letters you get. They are sent Concern Mail and usually take 2-3 Company Days transit time.

We will ship internationally. International shipping is based upon area and a total bundle weight, so please make certain to include all order information when asking about shipping rates.

~ CONTACT ME ~ Please do not hesitate to send me a message with any concerns you might have. If you want to see a typed sample of a particular name until you order, pictures of the different colors, anything of that nature, just let me understand! Please make certain to consist of an e-mail address to send them to.

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