SALE – Asking For Trouble – double 7 inch box set by askingfortrouble

1,00 GBP

Asking For Difficulty is likewise a little record label and this was our first release; a double 7 “box set.

It features one track each from 4 electronic bands – two from the UK and 2 from the United States.

You get 2 7″ vinyl records, packaged inside a box with 5 inserts, a zine and an unique mystery found things gathered by the members of Sunnyvale. Limited to 300 copies.


1A: A Roman Scandal – Mock The Gods
1B: Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element – Woman Thief

2A: Uter – Where is the Cover?
2B: Jeans and Diamonds – The Definition of Things

There is no telling exactly what secret item will be inside your box but you can see exactly what other individuals got on the Asking For Things blog. There are still some incredible things that might be in your box.


February 7 “singles, 4 bands – in a box! With an unique ‘discovered object’ in each. And hi, some top-notch tunes to boot! Uter are from Glasgow and their lo-fi and decidedly skewiff electro is a stifled mess of fun, like the Mary Chain if they ‘d gone electro early in their profession. A Roman Scandal offer us swathes of radio sound and a tune seeming like PiL caught in a mineshaft – and they include Jason TrailOfDead on vocals. Sunnyvale Noise Subelement is the theme tune to an investigator story starring David Pajo performed by the Gang of 4. And Denim and Diamonds play glitchpop and yelp away like a hyper bis. Who could request anything more? (Is This Music?)

Hey, exactly what an adorable little package; when, all good records were made by doing this. Yes, records. Vinyl. 7 “vinyl. Two of them. 4 bands. In a box. With a tiny fanzine with all the bands talking to each other. And a special secret present. We got a ₤ 20 note. (Actually we got a little bag of science laboratory temperature level reading labels, but we were still rather excited). Anyhow, Throwing down the gauntlet have assembled four of their favourite experimental noise artists onto two songs. Oxford’s involvement is with the addition of Sunnyvale Sound Sub-element whose scatter of problems and rumbles and grating brand-new wave guitar noise, interspersed with samples of (we’re guessing right here) James Cagney in gangster mode on ‘Girl Burglar’ does its intended task of burrowing into your skull and sticking its claws in. They’re joined by … And You Will certainly Know Us By The Trail Of Dead side-project A Roman Scandal, who provide a clutter of Throbbing Gristle and Faust-inspired electronic noise. Uter’s ‘Where is the Cover’ is all doomy synth drones and metallic bass rumbles, while best of the lot are Jeans & Diamonds who adopt a tasty bit of hysterical Devo-like robotic gabba-pop. So – some music, a fanzine and a surprise! Like the Kinder Egg advertisements used to say, that’s not possible! But here it is. But it’s not just a sweet collectable curio – it’s firm proof of where modern experimental music can – and should – be at. (Nightshift)

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