SALE Organic Hemp-Cotton crib fitted sheet by turnanewleafdesigns

< img src =""border= "0"width="570"height= "429"/ > 35,00 CAD I have 2 fitted sheets on sale. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: & quot; these are just 5.5 & quot; in the rise. They will fit a bed mattress that is 5 & quot; & quot; or less deep.

This baby crib fitted sheet is made with qualified organic Hemp-Cotton muslin.
It looks and feels a lot like linen but much softer.

These are best to include over your crib mattress with a wool topper
Unbleached cotton rubber elastics are sewn at both ends

< br/ > Please keep in mind:. I can also customized size a fitted. sheet for you

Why pick Hemp for children bedding:.

< br/ > * Hemp has no pesticides and blocks harmful UV rays
< br/ > * Hemp materials have no residual chemicals.
< br/ > * Hemp materials are mold and wetness resistant.
< br/ > * Hemp material breaths and is biodegradable.
< br/ > * Hemp will outlast 10 times other fiber.

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