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Plantable Paper Sample

Thank you for thinking about the unique and ecologically friendly plantable seed paper that we make. This specific listing is for one sample paper of your option, with card.

Images show only a few of the numerous choices.

…… COLOR OPTIONS … … … Requirement colors are: white, cream, beige, tan, brown, gray, pale yellow, sunshine yellow, dark/ mustard yellow, butterscotch, peach, salmon/ orange, charred orange, light baby pink, intense pink, red, burgundy/ merlot, light infant blue, cornflower/ medium blue, faded navy jeans, aqua/ blue-green, seafoam green, chartreuse, mint green, kelly/ grass green, olive, dark/ forest green, lilac/ light lavender, and purple. Other colors are available by request, too.

If you have a preference on the color of plantable paper shape to consist of, please let me know in the notes to seller box that appears during checkout.

Please keep in mind that we will do our best to send the sample in the color you would like, but we are restricted to what we have ‘in stock’ which means the paper might not be freshly-made.

We make all paper for complete size orders on a made-to-order basis. Samples are offered fresh in specific colors only if they were just recently made and we happen to have some paper staying from the initial order.

If you wish to have a freshly made piece, for sprouting tests, our conventional colors are white, navy, or gray for flower-seed and green for herb-seed paper.

We are pleased to customized specific colors, and you may purchase using this listing, however kindly know that made-to-order items have a wait time of 1-3 weeks prior to the sample ships out, depending upon the flow of our other orders.

… … … … PLANT THROUGH 2016 … … …… Our plantable paper contains a special to us mix of zinnia, cosmos, snapdragons, columbine, poppies, daisies, cornflowers, calendula, dianthus/ Sweet Williams, forget-me -nots, marigolds, and other flower seeds as offered. Much cheaper seed paper includes lower quality ‘wildflower’ type seeds that are basically weeds, like sweet alyssum/ baby’s breath that is actually prohibited in lots of areas. Our premium mix consists of desirable annuals, for first year color, as well as beautiful perennials for blossoms in the years to follow. Our herb seed mix includes basil, chives, oregano, dill, parsley, lavender, and thyme. Our plantable paper truly does grow – those are sprouts growing right from the plantable paper in the picture at the right! Growing is easy but not foolproof: Plant under a 1/4 & quot; & quot; of fertile soil in warm sunshine and keep damp to grow. Bear in mind, seeds need warmth, water, and sunshine to get begun and after that, care and interest. They are not immune to human error.

PLANTING NOTE: The paper can be started indoors in a little pot at any time of year. They will have to be moved outside to promote ongoing development. Or, conserve them until spring and plant then. Seeds continue to be sensible longer if stored in a cool, dry location.
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …… If you have any questions about our items, it’s

easy to message us for a fast reaction, in some cases within minutes:-RRB- Just click on this link: php? to_username =recycledideas or email me(for less quick reaction )at Thank
you! ~ Holly … … DO NOT SEE WHAT YOU NEED? …… If you do not see a product
here that you
want we made or brought frequently, kindly let us know! We are happy making our sold products once again, and making new ones specific to your needs. Kindly know that customized pieces are typically significantly more costly and need additional time. … … ABOUT US …… RecycledIdeas is a family-run, independent business with an enthusiasm for ecologically accountable production. We make all our paper fresh to order using low-impact techniques, and our seed paper is special
in the marketplace of plantable paper. We use a carefully investigated blend of seeds that are not wildflowers. This implies the seeds do not spread out beyond where they are planted, where they might wreak havoc in environments where they are unwanted. Our seeds are all non-GMO seeds and do

not include neonicotinoids(insecticides) that can be hazardous to bees. As an included benefit, the seed varieties in our paper make well-loved and beautiful, long stem flowers that can be cut and used in arrangements, another distinct aspect of our seed mix. Our paper is the most environmentally-thoughtful plantable paper offered in the

marketplace and is fairly simply the best! Можно buy on Etsy for recycledideas