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35,00 USD< p class="description"> Peach earrings Bridesmaid earrings Sapphire earrings Navy earrings Peach drop earrings Peach bridesmaid earrings Drop earring Champagne Bridal earrings Wedding event fashion jewelry Dangle earrings Present for Her Bridesmaid precious jewelry tear drop earrings bridesmaid present Gold Drop earring Bridal precious jewelry Gold hang earring Gold Bridesmaid earrings Glass earrings Blush earring Sapphire bridal earrings Sapphire drop earrings Navy bridal fashion jewelry Gift

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< br/ > * An extremely popular and very popular color combination, sapphire (navy) and peach, these earrings are great for everyday wear and particularly demanded for bridal earrings.
< br/ > * Classic and timeless diamond and big tear drop shapes with faceted glass and gold plated textured bezels
< br/ > * the diamond measures 10x10mm and the tear drop procedures 15x18mm
< br/ > * From the top of the wire to the bottom of the earrings, the earrings step 1 3/4 & quot; long
< br/ > * Kidney wires are high quality 16k gold plated
< br/ > * Perfect bridal precious jewelry for a peach and navy themed wedding event
< br/ > * Stunning gift
< br/ > * Elegantly provided in a black box with white ribbon, magnetic closure, and black velvet interior.

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