Sea Glass Pendants- silver & white beach glass pendants, beach jewelry, seaglass pendant, wire wrapped sea glass, recycled glass pendants by TanithsOddsAndEnds

15,00 USD< p class= "description"> This is a collection of 3 little pieces of beach glass that were found on the beaches of northern California, and hand covered with silver plated wire. The pendants have silver plated jumprings connected to them making them all set to place on your preferred chain. The beach glass pendants are white with a slight amber tint to them in color. These beach glass pendants look stunning versus the silver wire. They can be utilized alone as pendants, or together in a pendant. The pendants vary in size from the smallest being 1 & quot; & quot; x 5/8 & quot; to the largest at 3/4 & quot; & quot; x 1 1/4 & quot;. These pendants would look great on silver chains.

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