Seasonal Sale Scarf e.e. cummings Black Wool Leather Scarf, Men’s Women’s Holiday Gifts by artlab

90,00 USD

$ 140

This black scarf is a high quality wool. Perfect for male or female. On one end there is hand printed text by e.e. cummings. There is a leather strap connected with dull silver hardware. Edges are completed.

* One piece available

artlab. Handmade in Brooklyn, New york city.

* Printed by Hand
* High quality Wool
* Procedures about 17 & quot; & quot; broad X 52 & quot; long
* Soft
* Black Leather measuring
* Dull silver metal hardware
* Hemmed edges
* Care: Dry clean
* Made in my Brooklyn Studio
* Please enable 2 company days plus shipping time
* In the US, this piece ships via USPS Concern
* Ships globally from New york city City via USPS First Class Mail

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