Shark Tooth Necklace with Stunning Color, Mako shark tooth fossil, Shark Tooth Hill in Bakersfield – California, Silver plated wire wrap by TheSharkToothShop

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) (img src =””border= “0” width =”570″height=”429″/) (p class=” cost “) 32,99 USD (p class=” description “) This is a fossilized Mako Shark Tooth, from & quot; Shark Tooth Hill & quot; & quot; in the San Joaquin Valley area of Bakersfield, California. Shark Tooth Hill fossils are difficult to discover and world famous, known for having terrific and severe colors. Shark Tooth Hill is also among only a couple of locations on the planet where you can discover blazing orange or white fossils, making them rather desirable and unique.

(br /) (br /) This fossil is 14 to 15 million years of ages and historians. say that the San Joaquin valley was at that time part of the Pacific Ocean

(br /) (br /) the fossil tooth has actually been wire covered in 22 gauge Silver plated copper wire with a & quot; & quot; non-tarnish & quot;. Finishing for long term beauty and stability

(br /) (br /) The fossil tooth measures 1 11/16 & quot;. And has an outstanding color mixture

(br /) (br /) The locket cord is 3mm large suede leather and is 20 & quot; & quot; long with a lobster clasp.

(br /) (br /) This image is NOT a sample, the locket imagined is the one you will get.

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