Silk Hankies for spinning, felting or surface design, quilting – .9 oz by EweniquelyEweFibers

6,30 USD

Silk Hankies for spinning, felting or surface design quilting in Ecru -.9 oz.

These silk handkerchiefs are approximately 10 & quot; & quot; x 10 & quot; and consists of numerous layers.

These hankies are remarkable for spindle or wheel spinning for including to felted pieces, specifically nuno-felted products, might be made use of as surface design in quilting or cut up and added to other fibers in the carding process. They take acid or fiber reactive dyes wonderfully.

A silk handkerchief is from a silk cocoon. The cocoon is degummed and extended over a frame. There are many layers of the cocoons added on top of one another.

If you want to spin with these hankies peel one layer, jab your hand through the center and pull it apart into a huge circle, then open one end of the circle by pulling it apart so you have a long piece of silk roving. You will have to hold your hands far apart while spinning as the silk fibers are long and very strong. These want to be spun thread thin and are easily spun that size.

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