Silver Masquerade Owl Pendant With Green Jade by Rayvenwoodmanor

18,00 USD This is a handcrafted Masquerade
Owl pendant. < br/ > A one of a kind by Rayvenwoodmanor!< br/ > The owl is very ornately carved and made from Tibetan silver alloy metal.

He looks like he is using a little Mardi Gras Masquerade mask!

< br/ > The owl is matched with a natural green jade gems bead and.925 silver roundel beads.

< br/ > The owl is suspended on an ornate silver plated chain which measures approximately 18 inches long.

< br & quot;/ > Jade is a & quot; dream stone, & quot; releasing unfavorable ideas and irritability and relaxing the mind. It stabilizes the personality, integrating mind with body, to stimulate ideas and make jobs less complicated and easier to act on. Put on the forehead, it brings informative dreams.

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