Sketch Necklace – Orange White Heart Beads and Sterling Beaded Necklace by KellyBaldwinDesign

78,00 USD It’s fun making pieces from ideas that stream right out in a sketch. The silver part was a sketch that I drew out actually quickly and it talked to me. These arcs and loops keep repeating in my work lately and I enjoy drawing them and making them. I hope they make you feel light and carefree too.

This abstract pendant is strung on a sting of glowing orange glass white heart African beads. When I hold this I feel Summer coming on!

Measurements:: 17 & quot; & quot; in total length. Tiny sterling lobster clasp. Pendant is 25 mm long, by 23 mm broad.

< br/ > Hand crafted from recycled sterling silver and enjoyable orange African white heart beads beads.

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