SNACK BAG / Rocket Age. Eco-PUL Lining by rolypolycrafts

7,00 USD

Hide your plastic sandwich bags! You’ll never need them once again.

Utilize these enjoyable and practical bags for snack time, storage, any use you can think about.

Treat bags measure roughly 6 & quot; & quot; X 8 1/2 & quot; open and will hold apple slices, pretzels, yogurt raisins, anything you can consider.

They are water resistant on the inside and made from food safe Eco-PUL fabric. This fabric is laminated and includes no BPA, silicon dioxide, phthalates or lead.
Excellent cotton prints on the outdoors make them fun for everybody.

Snack Attack bags are Machine Washable and Dishwasher safe!
They are very resilient and will endure about a zillion washes.

Velcro closure is extremely young child/ kid friendly and they fold over themselves in such a way that food will not fall out when they are closed.

What is PUL material?

PUL Material is a kind of laminated fabric. PUL stands for Polyurethane Laminate. It can be pronounced either PUL or & quot; & quot; pull & quot;. PUL Fabric is waterproof, so it is ideal for the exterior of cloth baby diapers and baby diaper covers. Our PUL fabric likewise is breathable, so infant stays cool and comfortable. All of the PUL fabric at Roly Poly Crafts llc is the Eco-PUL ™ brand – a high-quality, made in U.S.A PUL material. Keep reading to find out why PUL fabric by Eco-PUL ™ is a clever choice for the environment and your infant.

Eco-Friendly PUL material by Eco-PUL ™

PUL material by Eco-PUL ™ starts with light-weight polyester interlock (knit) fabric. The polyester interlock is combined with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a thin elastic plastic film. These two components are bonded together into a single material using a mix of heat, pressure, and adhesive.

In the past, solvent-based adhesives were made use of to produce PUL material. Nevertheless, the unpredictable natural compounds in the adhesive were not so good for the environment.

PUL material by Eco-PUL ™ is made with a & quot; & quot; green & quot; adhesive that is solvent-free, eco-friendly, and launches no unpredictable organics. Some people have actually called this newer kind of PUL & quot; & quot;

TPU. & Quot; Eco-PUL ™ is made in the U.S.A.

Advantages of PUL Fabric by Eco-PUL ™

The most essential characteristic of Eco-PUL ™ is that it forms a water resistant obstacle, while still being breathable. In this context, breathable does not suggest that you can hold the fabric over your face and breathe through it. It suggests that the material launches heat and water vapor. This keeps the user comfy. The dot pattern you see on the laminate side of our PUL enables ideal vapor transmission. Eco-PUL ™ is also stretchy for a close fit. Our PUL material has a soft hand, making it peaceful not crackly.

Eco-PUL ™ fabric is washable in hot water in industrial or house laundry. It resists abrasion, is UV stable (is not impacted by sunlight), fire retardant, and anti-microbial.

Food Safe PUL Material

PUL material by Eco-PUL ™ is food safe under the GRAS program and CPSIA certified. See certifications.

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