Sneak Peek of Morocco: Step Behind the Scenes of the December Catalog

Step behind the scenes of the new December catalog, shot in the enchanting country of Morocco. 

Morocco is a land of great beauty — a country of kindness, personality and love. A magical place that once existed only in my thoughts. Shot by the talented Jason Lee Parry and modeled by Hana Jirickova and Marine Deleeuw, the newest book leads you across one of the most romantic countries in the world. Join us, behind the scenes, as we travel from the blue city of Chefchaouen to the golden sands of the Sahara Desert.

We began our Moroccan journey in Casablanca, pushing through the humid air as our crew piled in sprinter vans, about to partake in a ten-hour trek to Chefchaouen, a city nestled in the foot of the Rif Mountains. Wandering the narrow walk streets of Chefchaouen was to walk through a dream, the walls shouting every shade of blue imaginable — dark and saturated, light and washed. Their vibrancy mimicked the character of its beautiful dwellers. Countless smiles and waves filled the streets and were found quickly contagious. Kids played soccer, danced and laughed, whizzing by us as they chased one another in and out of its crevices.

After spending four days in Chefchaouen, we packed up our Moroccan rugs and wedding blankets and bid goodbye to the blue city. Next stop: the Sahara Desert, another 12 hours by car. But I wouldn’t change it for anything — what a glorious spectacle Morocco is. As we traveled across the African country, our surroundings slowly morphed, growing more golden as we ventured closer to the desert. We arrived as the sun was just about to call it a day, casting a pink shadow onto the sky around us. Berber men graciously led us to our canvas tent city before serving us a native feast of tagine and wine, and then entertaining us with song and a beautiful drum ceremony, the droning and echoing beats still lingering in my heart months later. Come nightfall, as the hot desert air refused to leave our tents, we agreed to pull our mattresses out and form a circle on top of the sand outside. We slept under the stars those nights, basking in the beauty and power that is the Sahara.

“This is a catalog about wanderlust, traveling far and wide to find beauty.” -Doub Hanshaw, Creative Director.

“My favorite moment in Chefchaouen was shooting the sunset from a rooftop overlooking the entire blue city — the light was incredible.  Every winding staircase we climbed revealed another breathtaking vista — the intricately carved wood details and colorful tile throughout the city was unlike anything.” -Coryn Madley, Stylist

“I absolutely love to travel. I love going to places that are so different from where I live. And I love to speak the unspoken language of kindness with a smile.” -Doub Hanshaw, Creative Director

“While working with Doub is always the most inspiring part of my job, this trip I really got to see her shine.  Watching her overcome unexpected logistical challenges in an exotic location with a smile on her face, or running around a new city looking for the perfect spot to shoot- she is a force of nature.  I particularly loved shooting in the Sahara with her- moving the camels around to get the perfect composition and directing the models on a motorcycle – it was all a dream.” – Coryn Madley, Stylist

“The Sahara, the camels, the people living in the desert… it was other worldly! To see the Berber men walking in the desert, while wearing their deep blue Jhalabas and leading a pack of camels was beautiful and at the same time completely timeless.” -Doub Hanshaw

A big thanks to photographer, Jason Lee Parry and models Hana Jirickova, Marine Deleeuw, and Nick Fouquet. 

Hair by Luke Chamberlain. Makeup by Erin Lee Smith.

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