Sparkly Pink Wool Knitter’s Brooch – Ball of Yarn and Knitting Needles by maxsworld

6,50 GBP

This brooch is an ideal device for the stylish knitter. It includes a small round of yarn with a beautiful gold sparkly thread going through and knitting needles in it.

It has a basic brooch dealing with safely stitched to the back.

These are offered in 5 9 colours and with sparkles! I hand-dyed the yarn to obtain all of my preferred colours but if there’s another colour you would love to use then send me a message and I’ll see if I can put it together for you!

Each brooch is packaged in card and plastic (determine image) making it a trendy present along with a special treat on your own!


Needles: 40mm (1.6 & quot;&
quot;-RRB- Yarn round diameter: 22mm (0.8 & quot;& quot;-RRB- Можно offered at Etsy for maxsworld