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MAD Publication & quot; & quot; & quot; & quot; & quot; Spy vs Spy & quot; & quot; Men’s T-Shirt … All of us understand who these dastardly unclean devils are, so I will not bore you with the evident … however I’ll wager you did unknown the developer of these 2 monotone spies, Antonio Prohias, was a Cuban writer-artist who got away to the USA only 3 days prior to Fidel Castro dictated the last of the Cuban complimentary press.

Spy vs Spy was no shot- in-the-dark cartoon that accidentally ended up being well-known … these characters were created by a man who experienced oppression, dictatorship and the truths of business espionage against the liberty of a civilian population … this cartoon was Prohias commentary on the Cold War, showing the futility of an arms race, and the neverending One-Upmanship of armed conflict.

With the appeal of underground comics in the 60’s, it’s not a surprise that Spy vs Spy and their dynamite, bombs, arrows, and violent Rube Goldburg machines, found success in the zany and outrageous antics of MAD publication … it certainly was not the atomic moms and dads of the 50’s that were reading what uber-mensch Alfred E. Neuman, and his gang of misfit cronies, needed to say about the world … it was the youth, who recognized the futility of the & quot; & quot; & quot; & quot; & quot; World War & quot; & quot; generations.

Pretty heavy, huh … and you thought these twin spies were just a couple of cartoon Cloak and Dagger assassins with trilby hats, bombs, torpedoes, pistols, machine guns, and mallets … doing anything they might to put the Big Sleep on the other!

That is exactly what they do, but that is not the entire story … there’s more truth in Spy vs Spy than there is James Bond 007 films … consider that for a moment.

Far out, male!


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