Squiggles Textured Trinket Dish by baileybowls

< img src ="https://diycraftsrecipes.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/il_570xN.982611100_7woa.jpg"border= "0"width="570"height="429"/ > 16,00 USD< p class="description" > I enjoy exploring textures with clay. This is one my favorites. The glaze is also another among my favorites. It goes from clear to milky white so it exposes the squiggles rather nicely. The dish has to do with 2 & quot; & quot; x 2 & quot;. I like setting my rings in a designated area when I’m operating in the studio or in the backyard. This dish is perfect for that and for other small precious jewelry. Likewise terrific for teabags and sauces.

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