St Philomena Rosary Chaplet in Red Jasper and White Magnesite By Unbreakable Rosaries by unbreakablerosaries

< img src ="" border =" 0"width="570"height="429"/ > 35,00 USD A brand-new St Philomena rosary chaplet. All of my wire covered rosaries – ought to they break during typical prayer -may be returned at any time totally free repairs. Prayer directions will be consisted of

Chaplet Setup: Thirteen red beads on the loop (to commemorate the 13 years Santa Filomena invested in earth) and 3 white beads on the drop (in honor of the 3 Divine Persons. of the Holy Trinity)

< br/ > Beads: 6mm Red jasper paired with 6mm white magnesite

& quot;< br/ > Center: 3/4 & quot;. Spiritual Heart of Jesus medal. Made in

Italy< br & quot;/ > Medal: 1 & quot; Oval St Philomena medal with & quot; & quot; Pray For Us & quot; on the reverse. Made in Italy

Building:. Wire-wrapped with 20 gauge silver-plate wire. Procedures 9 & quot;& quot;.

To get more information about Saint Philomena, Patron of The Living Rosary please visit this link: For guidelines on how to hope this chaplet please visit this

.|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Why Should You Invest In A

Wire-Wrapped Rosary? < br/ > There are many beautiful rosaries being sold -some quite cheaply – but most will not make it through everyday prayer for more than a few months without breaking.
With wire-wrapped building each bead is individually wrapped and permanently joined to the next – there are no open loops to come apart. As long as the wire is 20 gauge or bigger this style rosary will never break during typical prayer

< br/ > Things To Search for Prior to Selecting A Wire-Wrapped Rosary:
|Each loop must correspond in shapes and size. The ends of each wire will have been tucked under and submitted. You must be able to run your hand up and down the length of the rosary without being stung by sharp edges.

|All connection points need to be secured with either bow-tie or smaller bead links. Manufactured chain is not as strong and defeats the purpose of wire-wrapping.

The entire procedure of hand wrapping a rosary done appropriately takes 5 to six hours. The labor involved is exactly what makes it more expensive than a manufactured rosary -. However this is most certainly a labor of love

Although nothing man-made is ever really solid, I ensure my rosaries versus breakage for life. If you break it during typical prayer, I’ll repair it for totally free … once again and once again and again!

< br/ > If you are trying to find a beautiful, high quality rosary to last a lifetime, you will do well to purchase a hand-wrapped rosary – a treasure for today and a heirloom for the future

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