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< p class="rate"> 28,00 USD< p class="description"> T-shaped stylus for tablet and smartphone for assistive
grip aids.< br/ > Functions 1)T-shaped stylus for tablet
and mobile phone 2) Is available in 2 size choices; routine (adult
) and mini( kids)< br/ > 3)Both choice use exact same long lasting
product< br/ > 4)Highly conductive fabric idea; no drag, no pressure required 5)Ships worldwide from United States (NC) and Europe (Holland)

Alternatives a)Routine( adult) & quot;, 4 & quot; & quot; by 4 &
quot; (10 x 10cm)< br/ & quot; > b )Mini (kids)

, 2.4 & quot; by 2.4 & quot;(6
x 6cm)< br/ > Item The Steady Stylus works for individuals who have troubles holding a things like a pen, but who have the ability to securely understand something with their hand. When a customer purchased a set of the original Stylus Socks styli, she send us a note about using the conductive socks on her kid’s customized T-shaped stick. Given that he has additional support requirements, he utilizes a stylus that offers more control over his movements. And as soon as we saw a photo of it, we brand-new we desired to offer this to people around the world with the very same needs. Exactly what you get is a handmade, long lasting, totally conductive T-shaped stylus.

Worldwide service and logistics
We provide our services and ship our products around the globe, utilizing a flat rate item and shipping cost for everybody. Fulfillment places in the United States and Europe care for fast and cost-effective shipping;. We’ll choose the very best spot depending upon your location

Stylus Socks All styli and guidelines utilize our in-house engineered Stylus Socks principle; a suggestion made from highly conductive fabric that is twisted around a plug on the stylus stick. Compared to rubber or foam options, they have no drag, there’s no pressure required and they do not break. Smooth operation is guaranteed on all modern capacitive tablets and smartphones, like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch iOS gadgets from Apple, the Android based Galaxy variety from Samsung, the Nexus variety from Google and Asus, the Xperia range from Sony, the Kindle range from Amazon, and so on

< br/ > A stylus for every requirement< br/ > in an effort to resolve all unique requirements convenience levels when dealing with capacitive touch screen gadgets, we listen thoroughly to customer needs and adapt them in our substantial styli portfolio. Do not find a stylus or tip for your needs? Contact us for a customized solution!

Cheers, Team ShapeDad

< br/ > History It all started when the partner of a quad (quadriplegic) patient purchased a routine Stylus Socks stylus from our Etsy shop. She discovered our conductive socks idea while she was checking out a local Apple shop and one of the employees started Googling for a proper option. Their very first technique was to put the conductive sock around the suggestion of their existing plastic mouth stick. However as you may understand, a capacitive touch screen needs some ground (body) contact making it work. And with a plastic mouth stick, this suggests that a wire requires to be twisted around the stick and into the mouth, which is not extremely hassle-free.

< br/ > Then we made a customized option for them based on two techniques. One with a totally conductive aluminum mouth stick getting sufficient electrical ground by itself, and one that utilizes the iPad’s body as an electrical ground so you can utilize it with an existing mouth stick of any material (even plastic). We delivered it and got favorable feedback on both methods. We tweeted about it and entered contact with individuals around the globe handling ALS or MS and started supporting them. A few weeks later on, numerous of these plans got delivered to the United States and AUS. And people utilizing a head pointer got triggered as well, so that’s how we began providing the conductive plugs. Simply put these around your head pointer’s pointer and you’re prepared to go.

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