Steampunk Pirate Tea Pot by LithiasCreations

45,00 USD

Having your mates over for a tea celebration? You might require this …

This is a classic charming rose tea pot that I have actually embellished with a skull and crossbones. It is a complete sized tea pot and the only one I have with this floral pattern. The image is sealed and yes, you can use this!


My tea cups, tea pots and plates have actually been seen at Steampunk Worlds Faire, as well as FaerieCon. I find lonesome sets and offer them new life by adding enjoyable designs and sayings to them. Each one is totally distinct, and distinctive.

(The will likewise be included with your set)
-NO microwave
-NO dishwasher
-Handwash ONLY with soft cloth and very little soap
Taking proper care of your altered tea cup will make it last a long period of time!


can purchase on Etsy for LithiasCreations