Sterling silver charms silver initial charm silver word charms silver initial charms metalsgirl charms initials skull charm heart charm by metalsgirl

3,00 USD< p class="description"> Sale!!! Was $ 10. Now $ 3. I have a pretty good sized stash of these sterling silver appeals. Most are random letters that were produced a specific occasion and then didn'' t end up being used. So I am providing them up at a big discount! This cost is only for the already made beauties on this list! When I lack a specific letter or sign or word I will take it off of the list. If you need a particular letter or word made please see my listing for custom-made charms.

Simply see the drop down menu for the choices.
These are sterling silver appeals. Some are circles, some are long rectangular shapes, some are little rectangular shapes, some are ovals, so the sizes differ a bit.
Each charm has a soldered jump ring.
Enjoy! Можно приобрести на Etsy за metalsgirl