Stitch Markers – Sterling Silver Plated Beads – Set of 6 – US 5 – Item No. 384 by HIDEandSHEEP

7,00 USD

Stitch Markers – Suspended Bead with Sterling Silver Plated Open Beads – Set of 6 – United States 5 – Option No. 384

Speed Loop Markers have needle loops that are two times as long as they are large, permitting fast and simple transfer of the marker from needle to needle. Speed Loops permit space for 2 needles without using big over-sized rings.

This set of little sized speed loop markers will fit needles up to a size United States 5 (3.75 mm).

The double long loops are hand formed from sterling silver plated wire and listed below each loop is suspended a 6mm sterling silver plated metal bead. There are no exposed wire ends to snag or damage your yarn.

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Similar to all our knitting and crochet materials, this set can be found in its own useful Hide & Sheep storage tin.


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