Sulfur all natural soap no color no scent added by heavenlysoap

3,00 USD

This sale is for 2 bars of soap. The total weight of 2 bars is in between 8 and 9 ounces. 100% natural handmade soap, no color added. Sulfur soap without any aroma. Soap has fantastic lather and will leave you skin sensation soft. If you have extreme acne or skin inflammations such as psoriasis this is the soap for you. Sulfur has actually been known for several years to assist recover and alleviate numerous skin problem. Soap is make from olive oil, coconut oil, and palm kernel oil. Soap originates from a smoke totally free and pet free home. Concerns welcome. Soap includes 10 % Sulfur.

Delivering discount rates offered on bulk purchases of 10 bars or more.

From a client
I simply desired to thank you for this fantastic soap. This soap makes my skin look much better than the $ 300 Obagi products I have actually been making use of. Thank you Thank you Thank you !!

Thanks for the great product!! Jessie 03/14

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