Tampon Holder – Marvel -kawaii pad holder Feminine Product Case superhero Privacy Pouch purse organizer heart and flower by paperfromheaven

10,00 USD

Are you tired of not having the ability to discover your tampons/ pads when you require them? Are you tired of them flying through your bag when you do not need them (like at the check stand when you pull your wallet out? Are you too embarrassed to walk to the bathroom with just a tampon so you take your whole bag?

Then this Feminine Product Case is for you!
You can use it for tampons, pads, or both! With tampons it folds up smaller sized than a wallet, and if you just utilize pads it folds even smaller! Talk about a terrific space saver, plus assisting to organize your purse.

There are two pockets that procedure 3.75 & quot; & quot; each hold, 2 routine pads, one thick pad, or as much as 4 tampons.

The leading folds down then folds in half and is secured with an elastic band.

Open: 7.5 & quot; & quot; broad and 8.25 & quot;
high, the elastic band procedures 2.5 & quot; Closed with & quot; Tampons: 3.75
& quot; large and 6 & quot; high Closed with Pads: 3.75: large and 5 & quot; & quot; high DISCLAIMERS
* Accessories Not Included.
* Pattern placement might differ from the item originally photographed.
* Rubber band may not be the same color as the item originally photographed, but will certainly match the material.

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