TARDIS Custom Car Emblem by Empira

17,00 USD

Stop gazing longingly into your garden, wishing for The Medical professional’s police box time/ area ship to appear and take you on a legendary trip. Turn your own automobile, truck or lorry into a TARDIS with this incredible customized car emblem!

This symbol says & quot; & quot; TARDIS & quot;, a reference to the authorities box-shaped car run by The Physician in the long -running BBC sci-fi series & quot; & quot; Doctor Who &

quot;. I have actually created these geek-chic vehicle name badges to resemble your stock automobile model emblem (like, for instance, “Accord” or “Explorer”). Delight in the puzzled and thrilled looks of others as they question, “Hmm, exactly what’s a Dodge Tardis? Have I seen an advertisement for that? It appears oddly familiar … & quot;

& quot; I cast each piece in resilient plastic from a customized silicone mold, repaint them black and silver, and use all-weather, automotive-grade, peel-and- stick double-sided tape to the back so it will stick completely on the back of your car (my emblem has been on my automobile for over a year now).

2 sizes to select from! The Car model is 3.5 & quot; & quot; broad,.75 & quot; & quot; high,.25 & quot; thick and the Truck/ Van/ SUV model is 6.75 & quot; & quot; large, 1.25 & quot; high,.25 & quot

; thick. I will venture to load and ship your emblem within 1 week of clearing PayPal and I ship via USPS First Class mail, which provides in 1 to 3 days in the United States

Let me understand if you have any unique packaging requests (such as shipping-direct to a gift recipient or including a custom-made note). I’m delighted to require most affordable demands!

Take a look at my & quot; & quot; Dalek & quot; symbol, too!

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