Tea Bag Paper by JackieCardytextiles

10,00 USD Patchwork, quilting, shibori dyeing, journaling, embroidery, printmaking, scrapbooking … this paper can be used in many fabric and paper methods. Its even dazzling for cleaning windows.
Yes! Teabag paper. the paper that teabags are made from.
NOT teabag FOLDING paper but an extremely flexible tissue that can be colored, painted, stitched, transfer printed and used as a material. If ironed onto interfacing it can be utilized as a fabric free of charge machine embroidery. It likewise irons on to itself and can be layered to form a fairly considerable thickness of fabric.
Its more powerful than normal tissue when damp (however needs to be handled with sensible care). It has a ‘perforation’ pattern on it makings it look a bit like a woven fabric.

< br/ > Please note this is NOT Abaca tissue.

********************************************************************************************************* HERE IS SOME TECHNICAL INFO FROM THE MANUFACTURERS
“In fact & quot; paper & quot; & quot; is a little a misnomer. Paper is up to pieces when it gets wet, and so paper alone will refrain from doing for teabags. Our bags are exactly what is referred to as & quot; & quot; superseal & quot;, which is a mix of rayon – an item made from wood pulp and caustic soda – and polypropylene, a by-product of the oil market. The polypropylene is supplied by the Fina oil company’s plant in Belgium, and the whole is wrapped around with a case of paper from trees grown in Scandinavia and The United States and Canada. For each tonne of paper made, about 50 kilos of discarded pulp goes into garbage dump sites. “

********************************************************************************************************* The pictures show a piece in the background that I have actually colored utilizing the folding a dipping approach-shibori-which works truly well with this paper.< br/ > And the last imagine reveals an enjoyable day I had coloring my documents. I likewise used it to make this: https://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=7377249 I have a supply which I will continue to sell in
batches like this till I am left with just enough for my requirements. You will get at least 10 sheets determining 12inches( 30cm)by roughly 40inches(75cm) folded for sending.< a rel ="nofollow "href= "https://www.etsy.com/ru/listing/198748248/tea-bag-paper?ref=rss"> can buy on Etsy for JackieCardytextiles