Temporary Anti-Possession Supernatural Tattoos by brucelovesyou

3,00 AUD

Driver selects the music,
Shotgun shuts his cakehole!

Anti-Possession Temporary Tattoo.
3in x 3in

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Designed by Robin and Cece (cosplaycruizers.tumblr.com)

Applied making use of water and can last approximately 2-5 days. Consists of instructions on the back of the tattoos.

They are safe, non-toxic and go beyond all FDA & CPSC/ CPSIA demands.

These tattoos are really high quality tattoos and lasts a long period of time. See below for some recent evaluations of this tattoo:

Examined by MaybeMantis on 11 July, 2014:
I used tattoos from another source last year and in fact mistakenly removed it without believing in the shower the next day – this one lasted through outfit modifications, 2 showers, safety belt straps, tshirts, idle scratching and I still needed to actively scrub it to remove it – on the last day of wearing it I had people asking if it was genuine, hardly any visible wear on it by the end. Definitely the one I’m recommending to my friends.

Examined by Marianna on 05 August, 2014:
My friend and I wore these for our fem! Winchester cosplay and they looked fantastic! A fair variety of people even asked us if they were actual.

Examined by CourtCourt on 22 May, 2014:
Have actually only used one of these so far however it lasted a week before i lastly simply scrubbed it off. Looked really great when i put it on aswell X

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