Textured turquoise ceramic bowl by azulado

24,00 USD

This fantastic textured turquoise bowl, part of my brand-new collection, is remarkable, each bowl was by hand modeled and textured.

Use it as a candle light holder, ring older, the ideal nature sensation for your home.
procedures around 3,5 x 1,38 “( 9 x 3,5 cm)

Each of my ceramic pieces are formed by hand, once they have actually ended up being the preferred type they are air dried till all wetness has dried. The pieces are then fired at 1100 degrees Celsius (2012.0 Fahrenheit).
When cooled off I apply the glaze, one by one with a brush and the pieces get back in the oven at 1100 Celsius (2012.0 Fahrenheit).
I use a high quality clay. The ceramic is likewise much more powerful then the average and as long as you do not drop it you will have the ability to enjoy it numerous years. The glaze I make use of is the very best, lead-free and of high quality.

All my products are thoroughly and beautifully packaged and sent out by registered mail that includes tracking.

Kindly do not be reluctant to call me with any questions, doubts or to talk about a custom-made order.

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