Thank You, You’re My Star printable card black and white, appreciation of hard work, gifts, thoughtful acts of kindness, good works, reward by FreshRetroGallery

< p class="price" > 5,00 USD Thank you, You’re my Star card art is elegant, enjoyable and versatile. Express appreciation and thankfulness for difficult work, gifts, thoughtful acts of compassion and good works. Card art for teachers, students, family, good friends, company, workers, children, teens, guys, ladies, office, company, church or company. Digital clip art stock illustration is designed to print black. It’s enjoyable to add a touch of colored pencil, marker or gel pen if you like to sketch and doodle.

Immediate access-you can download these files as quickly as you finish your purchase. Art work is proportioned to print on a quarter-fold card in both or your choice of format
< br/ > -high resolution 300ppi jpg 5.5 x 4.25 & quot;
& quot;< br/ >-vector pdf(increase the size of any quantity without loss of quality)
It’s extremely easy, quick and super convenient.

Add your own personal sentiment or verse on the inside and date the back. Get wording concepts for handmade cards, preferred Bible verses and Christian encouragement for 25 celebrations at

Individual handmade notes and cards are hassle-free and simple making. Utilize your printer or printing services at library, regional or internet online print shops. Learn the best ways to make cards on the computer system with the tutorial at

Contact me with the “Ask a Question” link (near the title) for details about getting a customized alternative. For an extra charge, I can do a design and design as a print-ready pdf with your name and other information based upon this art work and offer a custom link for you to buy it.

Parchment design paper with matching envelopes sold independently. Created for one 4th of an 8.5 x 11 & quot; & quot; sheet. It is a superb option for a touch of class with a refined appearance. The natural colored paper has a light, tactile skin finish which is printer compatible and easy to write on. Get blank stationery, concepts and inspiration for making handcrafted cards at

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