The Benefits Of Eating Fossils

The Benefits Of Eating Fossils

It’s true: I eat fossils every day.

I know you’re thinking, “Brigette. Girl. What are you talking about.” Allow me to introduce you to a little gold mine known as diatomaceous earth.

Essentially, diatomaceous earth is a chalk-like powder made from the fossilized remains of diatoms, which are tiny plants that come from the sea. And it’s my new favorite way to detox naturally.

The substance is so fine that it does absolutely no harm to your organs as it moves through your body – as long as it’s food-grade – yet it slices through the exoskeletons of any harmful organisms that may be inhabiting your body, dehydrating and ultimately killing them.

In addition to killing parasites, diatomaceous earth has a strong negative charge, which allows it to attach to these organisms, along with the likes of heavy metals, chemicals, and other bodily toxins, and carry them out of the body.

Personally, I’ve been taking diatomaceous earth as a supplement to help rid my body of an overgrowth of candida – a type of yeast that can cause tons of health issues if an infestation occurs – but this is an excellent tool for detoxifying even the healthiest of people.

Although scientific studies are limited at this point, there is a ton of testimonial evidence that diatomaceous earth can offer a multitude of health benefits: internal cleansing, increased hair growth, and reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, just to name a few. It actually is almost 90% silica, which is something that’s vital for the human body – yet often hard to come by.

So how do you use diatomaceous earth? Easy! Mix it into whatever you want: a glass of water, a smoothie, some applesauce, a bowl of yogurt… the options are endless.

It has a slightly chalky consistency, but virtually no taste. Take on an empty stomach, beginning with a teaspoon and work your way up to about one heaping tablespoon per day. Just be absolutely certain what you’re using is food grade (I use this kind!), and be sure to drink plenty of water, as it can be quite dehydrating.

Diatomaceous earth is also an excellent abrasive agent, so it’s an great ingredient to use in homemade toothpaste, face masks, and body scrubs.

You can sprinkle some in your cat or dog’s food to help with any internal bugs, as well. And guess what? It can also kill bugs externally. If you have a flea or bedbug problem, sprinkle diatomaceous earth over the infested area and let it work its magic.

Has anyone here used diatomaceous earth before? Share your story!

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