The Best Juice In Vancouver

The Best Juice In Vancouver

Vancouver citizens are lucky. Each and every day, they have access to one of the best juice brands in business today: The Juice Truck. Run by co-owners and founders Zach Berman and Ryan Slater, the company has been making delicious, fresh juices since the summer of 2011. With each sip, their concoctions transport your taste buds into a daydream.

The brand currently operates two locations in Vancouver, the first is a truck in Gastown, and the second, a recently opened storefront in Mount Pleasant. Alongside amazing juice and healthy fare, both locations offer up friendly staff and delightful design. Bright colors, bold modern fruit art, green plants, and clean simple lines build a healthy and happy ambiance with an emphasis on community.

Read on for an inspiring interview with the co-owners and founders, Ryan & Zach. If you live in the Vancouver area, also don’t forget to enter our Vantown Sweeps before Monday 9/15 to win ‘The Makeover’ gift package. We’re giving away a 3-day cleanse from The Juice Truck alongside other amazing giveaways.

I can vouch for the fact that your juices are absolutely delicious. What makes them so good?

We strive to make our juices as nutritious as possible without sacrificing any flavour. Just like in life…juicing is all about having balance.

What tips do you have for beginning juicers?

We think it’s good to always have some sort of kicker. Ginger, mint, lemon, lime, turmeric, cilantro…one or two flavours that are going to stand out amongst the others.

You have two different locations, the truck itself and then the storefront. Can you tell us a bit about both and how they differ?

The truck launched first in 2011 in Gastown. We were the first company serving cold pressed juice in Vancouver and in Canada when we launched the truck. The truck serves cold pressed juice, smoothies, salads, and snacks…all vegan and gluten free. The storefront we launched this past summer. At the storefront we serve breakfast and lunch, and have launched a line of retail goods…different superfoods and supplements, much of the product inspired by Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. We also have a community space for workshops, events, pop ups…all sorts of fun stuff!

Do you have a personal favorite menu item? What do you love about it?

(Zack) The Green Juice is my daily. Always lots of green vegetables with lots of ginger and some lemon.

I’m really intrigued by the fact that The Juice Truck is run by two men, it’s not often that you find males who are really into juicing. What got you guys into it?

We’ve always been into health and wellness. We took a yearlong backpacking trip through India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka and got inspired by the juicing culture. The street-side juice stands where much like our coffee shops here – there was a community of regular juice drinkers. Everyday we’d see the same people getting their juices. We loved the community aspect of health and wellness and wanted to bring it back to Vancouver.

You guys sell other products at the storefront that customers can add to their own smoothie/juicing regimen. When did that begin and how do you choose what to include in the line? Is there one additive that you think people should absolutely try?

We’re super passionate about discovering new products in health. We’re always trying out different super foods and different plant based products. When we feel a positive effect from a new product we’re always excited to share it with everyone. A lot of our retail products you can’t find at other places. Shilajit and Pine Pollen are two of our favorites. We’ll be adding more products to our retail line this Fall.

How do you hope to see the world of juicing evolve and what sort of role can The Juice Truck play?

Taking care of yourself and investing in your health is one of the best things you can do. Juicing is such an easy, quick, and accessible way to get a good amount of your day’s nutrients in one go.

Lastly, what does it mean to be free?

Freedom to us means adventure and opportunity and lots of walks in the forest 🙂

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