The Due Date by mihow

12,00 USD Pranayama breath! PUSH! PUSH! PRESS! < br/ > She’s going to have a baby and she may require something to suck on throughout those long laboring hours. How about a delicate mix of wintergreen and fennel? The wintergreen exists to keep her breath fresh as she’s howling at her loved one. The fennel seeds are there to obtain those milk ducts flowing

< br/ > Please keep in mind:! You get 6 lollipops for 12 dollars. So, & quot; & quot; 1 item & quot; equals six lollipops.:] They are 2 inches in diameter. If you would like smaller lollipops (1 inch), please define KID’S PART in the & quot; & quot; Message to Sender & quot; & quot; field. You will receive 10 of the smaller sized size.

ESSENTIAL! ALL MY LOLLIPOPS ARE CORN SYRUP FREE! They are made with good old made sugar rather. That stated, they ought to be eaten within three weeks as they begin to lose their shape a bit after that. (They still taste awesome!)

Regarding Allergies: All my lollipops are made using equipment that comes in contact with peanuts. Those with peanut allergies ought to most likely stay away.: [ can purchase on Etsy for mihow