The New Wizard of Oz By L. Frank Baum by nenafayesattic

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What an amazing find! This book is a 1955 Edition with a 1944 Copyright date, and appears to be in unread condition! Looks like someone got it and the put it on the shelf. The reason I believe this to be so is because of the condition of the pages and the binding. The pages are all flat and smooth with no damage, the binding is tight and is not broken. There is no writing except for a 1/2 & quot; black mark on the cover page. The cover has minimal scuffing and very slightly bumped corners. It is an amazing find indeed!

The last copyright date listed in this book is 1944 but the Illustrations last copyright is 1955 so I am certain this is a 1955 edition.

Beautifully illustrated through out by Leonard Weisgard.

This is a chapter book which always makes young readers so happy when they can read a chapter book 🙂

Junior Deluxe Editions, Garden City NY

Printed in the USA

Book measures 5 1/2 & quot; x 8 1/2 & quot;

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