The World ends with you TWEWY pick any 10 pins / buttons by cherriesama

< p class="cost" > 10,50 USD This is a listing for your own made to buy custom-made set of any of 10, 1.50 inch size pin back buttons based on “The World ends with you” game. The images consisted of are the pins that are currently readily available from me, and you can choose any combination of 10 pins and can be all of the very same or all various. The images have actually all been vectorized by me none of my things is made with a low resolution printed off the net image. They are all high res and non pixelated, and there is no artificial glare or shading. The image likewise covers around the entire pin and what you see in the images provided is simply the top of the pin, so there is no unusual cropping in the final pin.They are then printed and cutout, and after that hand pushed by me with a button device. Just place the numbers of the pins you would like in the notes area when you check out.

Samples of my finished work can be seen in my other listings, and sold listings, or they can be requested too.

< br/ > A good present for any fan of the series, and are enjoyable for embellishing your clothing, backpacks. or for completing your cosplay costume.

*** Total set available through customized order ONLY and takes 6-8 weeks processing time, it is over 2 hundred dollars. Shipping is 40+ for worldwide orders, sorry shipping costs is out of my hands ***

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