Tibetan Brass Double Dorje Vajra Pendant – Buddhist Jewelry – Tibetan Ritual Object Pendant – Vishva-Vajra Double Dorje Pendant – WM2474B by TibetanBeadStore

1,95 USD

Tibetan Double Vajra Dorje Brass Beauty Pendant

A Double Vajra (Double Dorje) is 2 Vajras/ Dorjes crossed. A Vajra/ Dorje means thunderbolt, diamond and unbreakable, puncturing ignorance & impression. It represents stability & what is unbreakable.

Each piece differs slightly due to the handmade nature of the item

Handcrafted in Nepal

Product # WM2474B
Approx 35mm broad x 40mm height (consisting of bail)
Approx 1.39 inch wide x 1.58 inches height (including bail)

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