TibetanBeadStore’s Custom Design Tibetan Crystal Quartz Point Charm Pendants- Himalayan Crystal Quartz Healing Amulet Pendant- WM6248-1 by TibetanBeadStore

7,50 USD TibetanBeadStore’s Custom-made Design Himalayan Rough Crystal Quartz Tibetan Recovery Amulet Charm Drop Pendant with Handmade Repousse Carved Tibetan Silver Metal Cap

Quantity: 1 pendant< br/ > Crystals can be rough & jagged in some places as shown in the picture
Please utilize the measurements provided below for size referral.

Each piece is distinct (size & shape) due to the natural crystal quartz qualities & the handmade nature of the item

Handcrafted in Nepal

Product # WM6248-1 Size: Approx 5-mm large x 33-41mm height (including bail)

< br/ > Please contact us if you have any concerns. Thank you

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