Tiny Betsy or Riley Doll Clothes Pattern – Dress, Underskirt, Top, Pants – No. 72 by PerfectPatterns

& quot; 8,10 USD & quot; Finest Buddies & quot;(Despite the distinctions) Complete skirted little girls high waisted gown with brief bell sleeves and a jewel neckline. The dress has actually a connected underskirt slip with ruffled lace trim that shows below the dress hem.

Reduce the skirt to make the top that chooses wide spacious elastic waist pants. The leading and pants are cut with contrasting satin or grosgrain ribbon

REWARDS PATTERN:. Included is a one-piece tiny pattern for underpants made from Tees knit material with elastic at the waist. The elastic shows on the outdoors simply like real panties!

Fits 7.5 & quot; style dolls such as Riley (Kish)in addition to 8 & quot; style dolls such as Tiny Betsy (Tonner).

Designed by Marsha Olson.

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