Titanium Pearl Earrings, 7mm White fresh water pearl stud earrings, Hypoallergenic Titanium earring, for sensitive ears by Pearlland88

12,00 USD

Pearl Size: AAA 7 mm,
Color: Lustrous natural White,
Shape: Button round
Ear Posts: CP-1 Pure Titanium grade 1 ear posts and ear nuts

Created for a comfy fit with your ears, this pair of authentic pearl studs is securely mounted on pure Titanium ear posts and ear nuts, fantastic for delicate ears. These posts have bullet ends to secure the ear nuts and avoid them from sliding off from the posts.

Titanium (Nickel and Lead free) is a high strength metal and is checked to be completely immune to corrosion by all body fluids and tissues, making it safe to wear for the majority of people with delicate ears.

High Quality Pearls with great Radiance, Smoothness, and thick nacre

They will certainly be packed in a present box, all set for gifts.

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