Toy Unicorn – KNITTING PATTERN – pdf file by automatic download by RianAnderson

4,00 AUD

Knit a white unicorn with a golden horn, hair and hooves.
Add wings for the even more magical flying variation.
Silver grey might replace for gold, or you could make him all white.
– Or any colour your little one can imagine …

This toy makes use of DK/ 8ply yarn of your choice, used double, so it fasts and simple to knit on a pair of 5 mm needles. It has a little brief row shaping – however of the simple variety without wraps. Pictures and comprehensive instructions on how to do this, and to demonstrate how to sew the toy together, are included in the pattern.
He takes 100 gms of primary colour DK/ 8ply and 75 gms of contrast colour.
The completed toy steps about 25 cms high and 30 cms from nose to tail.

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