Tropical Birds Handspun Worsted / Aran Yarn by hlmiller

43,00 USD This squishy, vibrant yarn is a 2 ply handspun made of hand painted wool (the label says & quot; & quot; Blend of Fine Quality Wool & quot;& quot;. It appears like Falkland and puffed up like Polwarth Not stating that’s exactly what we have, but those are the buildings I’m observing). It is a worsted to aran weight and comes in at about 163 lawns. It is fractal spun, which means, when it’s developed you will see long terms of color with the other colors flashing through. It’s a beautiful effect.

Hand wash cool and dry flat since this fiber will full/ felt.

This fiber was a gorgeous braid called & quot; & quot; Tropical Birds & quot;. From Eagle’s Discover Fibers

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