TUTORIAL – Wire Wrapped Rose Earrings by WireBliss

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WB13: Wire Covered Rose Earrings
Technique: Wirework, wire wrapping, twisting
Level: Novice

I discovered this approach of making increased earrings unintentionally while making the Rose Ring.
This lesson instructs you ways to produce an easy wire covered earrings that resemble blooming roses. The charm of this job is that you only use one piece of wire to make the rose and the ear wires.

The ingenious construction of the earring enables including dangles quickly without any additional effort.
It does not include soldering or attaching a different wire for the ear wire.

* 60 cm (24 in) 20ga wire

* Round nose pliers
* Bent-nose pliers
* Nylon jaw pliers or flat nose pliers
* Wire cutters
* Ring Mandrel or anything round with 1.5 cm size.
* A pen as mandrel for forming the ear wires
* Ruler
* File or cap bur

* 10 pages (including cover page)
* 30 crisp and clear close-up pictures with instructions

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