TWELVE Glass Glitter Stars SILVER by MemrieMare

5,90 USD

I like stars… they are the perfect accent!

These are merely packed with authentic silver German glass glitter!! The shine will tarish gradually giving them an outstanding aged look.

Each star is about 1 1/4 inches throughout (32mm), is made of repurposed chipboard, and loaded (on one side) with silver German glass shine! The last photo shows a tiara I made using a similar silver glitter star.

The majority of flashed stars wind up being glued to something, that is why they are only glittered on one side.

Listing is for 12 shine stars.

… require more than exactly what is listed? My stars can be had in any amount more than six. I do it all the time. 10 % off orders over 30 stars. 20 % off orders of 100 or more.

*** I re-use some product packaging when sending orders to assist save our planet.

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