Two (2) Extra Large Plate Hangers Invisible Disc – 5-1 / 2 & quot; For Plates Up To 6-1 / 2 Pounds by owlcreekceramics

10,00 USD

This listing is for 2 (2) Additional Big 5-1/ 2 & quot; & quot; disc plate hangers for plates and platters up to 6-1/ 2 Pounds, as revealed in Image 1.


Please contact us if you would like a different mix than we have actually noted.

We love these undetectable plate hangers! And have great deals of personal experience with them. They do not injure your plates, are easy to set up, and they do not show makings for a more attractive outcomes.

Our personal experience with these hangers has actually been remarkable! We have a big plate that has hung over our stove top for more than 5 years and one above our sink likewise for 5 years. Believe of the heat and steam in these environments! It’s extraordinary. We’re pleased. Now we’re developing a wall of plates in our studio (see photo 4) – we enjoy this item!

Usage Invisible Adhesive Disc Plate Hangers to hang collectible meals, porcelain, china, earthenware, tiles, ceramic, glass, large plates, trivets, pottery, unvarnished wood, and ornamental crafts. The Adhesive Hanger is totally invisible, so it does not detract from the decorative plates or display screen. It has no disruptive wires or cords, and does not harm your wall decoration or decorative screens.

SIMPLE TO USAGE: First clean the plate, (even if the plate is brand-new, as surface area contamination may inhibit adhesion ). Wet the adhesive side of the disc and gradually agitate with your finger to activate the glue. When the glue becomes & quot; & quot; tacky & quot; apply the disc to the back of the plate (make sure the hook is in the proper position for plate design). Press down securely. Delegate dry over night prior to thoroughly testing stamina of adhesion. Hang your plate on wall and admire!

The Disc eliminates entirely in warm water and will not remove back stamps, glazes, or other markings.

The Disc is offered in 5 sizes:

1-1/ 4 & quot; & quot; (30mm)for plates up to 4 & quot; & quot;( 100mm)

diameter- 1lb (500g) 2 & quot;(50mm) for plates up to 6 & quot; (150mm)diameter -2lbs (1Kg)

3 & quot; & quot; (75mm)for plates as much as 8 & quot; & quot;( 200mm)diameter- 3lbs (1.5 Kg)

4 & quot; & quot;( 100mm )for plates approximately 12 & quot; & quot;( 200mm )diameter – 5.5 lbs (2.5 Kg)

* 5-1/ 2 & quot; & quot;( 140mm )for big plates and platters approximately 6-1/ 2 lbs (3Kg) in weight

Regularly Asked Questions (FAQ)
Will the DISC Hangers work to hang wall tiles?
Disc hangers deal with all fired materials, such as unglazed backs of wall tiles and terracotta. Keep in mind: Plaster of Paris is not that strong, and might pave the way under its own weight. Consequently, even though the Disc Plate Hanger sticks well, we do not advise its use on Plaster of Paris.
Can you utilize DISC Hangers to display china and porcelain bowls?
Yes. You can not display these using traditional wires, however, you obtain a sensational 3D impact by hanging bowls using the Discs.
Do the plate hangers work with glass plates?
The transparency of glass products does not usually provide itself to show by Discs, however some glass items display beautifully. Nevertheless, if the glass is not transparent, then the plate hangers form a strong bond with the glass. Also, if the lips of the plate are not transparent, you can utilize two smaller sized hangers on the lips, and attach them with photo hanging wire. Then attach the picture hanging wire to a picture hook on the wall.
Do the plate hangers deal with copper, brass, and silver plates?
In addition to these metals, other metals might be appropriate, however you have to inspect these on a case by case basis. Weight is the important aspect, as the diameter guide on the offered instructions is for china and porcelain.
Can I hang objects heavier the 7 lbs?
Yes. 2 Discs linked by a strong cord or wire might be used to show heavier things. (You can embrace this very same & quot; & quot; image hanging & quot; method for hanging uncomfortable shaped products or positioning sensitive products.) The above weight limits are extremely conservative. They are based upon the stamina and integrity of the fabric and Dee-Rings, not the bond strength between the glue and the surface object’s surface area.
Can you utilize the Adhesive Plate Hangers to hang mirors?
Some individuals hang mirrors, however, success depends upon the & quot; & quot; silvering & quot; materials made use of on the back of the mirror glass. We do not ensure success. You can attempt this at your own danger.
Can you make use of the hanger for wooden decoration?
The disc hangers work to show unvarished wooden posts and hardboard backed photos. The Discs stick to some varnishes, but not others (the same puts on repaint). We recommend consumers try it, and if it does not stay with the varnish, remove it. The water soluble glue does not stay with vegetable oils, such as Linseed. Anything & quot; & quot; oiled & quot; will certainly decline the glue.
I want to show my plates, but utilize them on unique occasions. Is the plate useful with the DISC connected?
Although we do not recommend this, the plates are usable with the disc attached. If you plan to make use of the plate with the disc attached, ensure you do not get the disc wet. Rinse/ clean just the front of the plate with cool water. Constantly perform the pull test (pull firmly on the plate hanger) prior to rehanging the plate.
My plate has writing or a label on the back. How can I utilize your plate hangers without covering the writing or ruining the label?
To avoid covering composing on the back of your plate, use 2 smaller sized hangers connected to the lips of the plate. String image hanging wire in between these 2 smaller sized hangers, and then attach the plate to a picture hook on the wall. Make certain the the two hangers support the weight of the plate.
Are there any items on which to prevent utilizing the DISC hangers?
Some producers create the back of plates on the top of the glaze or fired surfaces. We recommend that you locally get rid of the paint on glass or porcelain. as the bond in between the paint and the plate is frequently inadequate to suspend the weight of the plate over an extended period.
Extremely Crucial: The manufacturer does not recommend making use of the discs on plastic, acrylic, or melamine material, however, some people have actually had success with these materials. You are welcome to attempt the plate hangers on your plastic, melamine, or acrylic plates, but we do not ensure success and you do so at your very own danger. We do not advise using the hangers with iron charges. No matter the application, you have to effectively prepare the article.

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