Ulexite by earthlightgems

3,00 USD

This is for 1- piece of Ulexite – each piece is unique. This is likewise called TV Rock. you can use it in your art and a lot more.

Ulexite – (TELEVISION Rock) is a sodium calcium borte very hardly ever forming in crystals. It looks like an aggregate of great white, hair like fibers. It is incredibly soft (solidity of 1) and vulnerable. Like kernite, ulexite is an ore of boron. Crystals of ulexite can be found in Boron, California. When it is cut crossgrain and polished, this mineral is transparent and produces a & quot; & quot; 3-D & quot; affect when checking out it at print. It is an energizer, and benefits heating up the anxious system connections to the muscles prior to warming up the muscles for physical exertion. It is an exceptional grounder for hyper individuals. Ulexite is a neutral energy shamanic power mineral. (All chakras)

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